Non Contact Human Body Forehead earlobe IF infrared thermometer

Non Contact Human Body Forehead earlobe IF infrared thermometer
1, Press Measure switch to turn on.
2, Press SET for 3 seconds, enter F1 setting mode, which you can set alarm temperature, 
default is 38 degree(C). Press Mode key to increase and Memo key to reduce. After setting, press set to confirm.
3, Default for F2 is 0, adjustable by press Memo  and Mode.
4, F3 is for turn on and off sound.
5, Under measuring condition, press set to turn on and off back-light.
6, Under measuring condition, press MODE key to change between F and C.
7, Device will be turned off in 10 seconds if no action taken.
8, While this device is produced with high precise sensors, but it is mainly for civil use and not suggested to use testing result as final diagnosis.
9, Measuring theory is thermal radiation. Measuring point can be forehead, earlobe.
10, Measuring range: 32 to 42.9C
11, Measuring distance ranged: 3 to 7CM(best at 5CM).
12, Accuracy: 0.3C.
13, Unit size: 151*85*42MM.
14, G.W:102 grams.
15, If long time not in use, please take out batteries to avoid corrosion(Important).